Friday, July 13, 2012

[GSoC] New features in Cantor interface

My last post on my GSoC project for Cantor was more than a month ago, so I figured I finally needed to write something new. Fortunately there are some changes to write about: First, everything the last post said didn't work does work now. That means printing and saving/loading works, all the entry types that the old interface knew are there, and richtext is supported. And in addition to that there are some new things like animated changes in the worksheet (which are supposed to not get in your way, and which you can turn off if you feel they do) and search/replace. The later is not quite done yet, but it is already usable. In the future it is supposed to be possible to limit the search to certain parts of the worksheet, like text entries or calculation results. All that is visible from this feature now is a big useless PushButton, but that will change soon :)

Of course there have also been some minor ui improvements (e.g. for copy/paste and drag&drop of (rich) text), and a couple of fixes for bugs and crashes. All in all I think the new interface is really superior to the old one now, which is of course the least I wanted the achieve in this project.

That's all from this rather short report. There is not much use in describing the changes in detail, but I want to encourage everybody to have a look at the new interface (the code can be found at the gsoc2012 branch) and to let me know if there are any problems. Thanks :)

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