Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[GSoC] Soft pencils down date

GSoC 2012 is slowly coming to an end. The new Cantor interface is now merged into the master branch, and in the next days I will probably mostly do clean-up and documentation. Maybe I'll also have the time to write some new code as well, or maybe that will have to wait for GSoC do be over. Anyway, it's about time for me to post about the code I did write in the last month.
The majority of commits in the last month were bug fixes, and small UI improvements all over the place. But there are some new features as well: drag&drop for worksheet entries, improved text search, animated scrolls and those nice little icons that turn up when the mouse stays on an entry for some time, and that don't really have a name.

Cantor with those nameless icons

Maybe the image is not quite as convincing as it should be, but it is hard to capture some of the new features in an image. To those who are convinced enough to try out the new code (which, as I said, is now in the master branch): I would very much appreciate to hear about any problems you find. I try to test everything as good as possible but I spend most of my time writing the code, and I'm not trying to calculate anything, so I can only simulate real use.
To everybody else: Thank's for reading all this anyway :)


  1. Does this mean there will be no further changes in the gsoc2012 branch, or will there continue to be improvements that are not made available in master.

    I've been tracking gsoc2012 until now, and if there will be no further commits to that branch, I can switch back to master.

    1. I might continue to update the gsoc2012 branch, but from now on anything that works decently should go to master; so you can switch to master, too.